9th Biennial of Moving Images
Centre for Contemporary Images

November 2nd-10th 2001

International competition
screenings on the 2nd basement, on the 1st and on the 7th floors, from 14h to 24h

            Centre for Contemporary Images

Among the 783 video tapes and films received from 46 countries, the selection committee of the 9th Biennial selected 53 works for the competition, and 13 for special out-of-competition screenings. The committee was composed of André Iten, director fo the Biennial, Ana Axpe, artist, and Celya Larré, freelance curator. The Jury will be composed of Christa Blümlinger (F/D), Eugeni Bonet (E), Rosanna Albertini (I) and Pierre-André Lienhard (CH); it will award prizes for a total amount of CHF 25’000.-.

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«The generic theme of this competition seems to be travelling and wandering, with numerous variations. The «cheapness» of video, in terms of costs and of use, surely is of some influence in this respect. [...] It can be roughly said that the selected works give response to the necessity of a new approach, far from the very theoretical one that prevailed in the 90’s, i.e. an approach taking the contemporary cultural context into account. We have chosen works that reveal the very essence of a point of view, of a relationship, of a form or of a situation, be it technically or artistically, works that are crystal clear in their composition.»
Celya Larré, selection committee.


AERSCHMANN Peter, Strassenfeger 5, 2001, 1’, DV, Suisse
3 seconds of music found in Berlin in November 2000. Cleaners are performing an artistic ballet.

ALBEAR Lazara Rosell, Campos Sagrados, 2000, 28’, 16mm (son optique), Belgique
A triptychon about the issues and limits of immigration.

VON ALEMANN Claudia, War einst ein wilder Wassermann, 2000, 43’08’’, BETA SP, Allemagne
The filmmaker undertakes, a painful journey into Germany’s nazi past with her mother and her daughter.

BARDSLEY Julia & CUNNINGHAM Aldona, 12/stages2 (a forensic mnemonic), 2001, 34’, Beta SP, Grande-Bretagne
Exploring the threshold between the authentic and the fake, the apparitions of identical twin sisters leads the viewer into an investigation of the memory arena.

BITTON Daniel, The Daddy of Rock’n’roll, 2001, 63’, Beta SP, Canada
“I'm Wesley Willis, I'm 36 years old. I play music and do art. I have schizophrenia. I have chronic schizoprenia...” This video presents the life and works of Westley Willis, an American rock musician who recorded more than 40 albums.

BONINSEGNI Kim Sop, An Italian Walk, 2001, 55’, Beta SP
Based on wandering and on the splitting of narration, this fiction presents three types of shiftings, the major one staging the Chinese 13th district in Paris.

BRINSON Peter, It Did It, 2000, 17’, Beta SP, Suisse
This is my fictional character's story before and after I took Prozac.
I used a scientific method to examine whether or not I needed antidepressants, while demonstrating how it affected my storytelling.

, Sweet Dreams , 2000, 3’30, VHS, Colombie
Close-up on a person who sings Eurytmics’ pop hit Sweet Dreams in “spanglish” : Swit drims. Through a song, this work highlights a revendication of “spanglish”, which is spoken by millions of people within the hispanic communities in the U.S.A. and the Caribbean.

CANTOR Ellen, Barbie London : trouble in Space, 2001, 19’15’’, Grande-Bretagne
In an idealised world, Barbie and Ken reenact the pathetic unhappy lovestory. In the background silent b/w film excerpts and langurous music : Cantor’s abrasive irony and sarcastic ingenuousness. Barbie is a slut. What about Ken?

CLOUIN Pierre Yves, Flying Sculpture, 2000, 3’40”, Beta SP, France
While flying, a man revisits the traditional know-how of sculpture making.

CUMMING Donigan, 1-Wrap (short version), 2000, 3’03’’, Beta SP, Canada
A bug in the system : because of a videotape problem, a man repeats the story of an aggression with a knife in a prison.

FRIMMEL Rainer & HAINDL Peter, Notes from the Basement, 1993/99-2000, 90’, Beta SP, Autriche
A ruthless view on what could be called the ideal world of the “street man”.

GIBBONS Joe, Final Exit, 2000, 5’, VHS, USA
Probably the last film of the Woody series : Gibbons urges his old friend to take a decision which is a matter of life and death.

GINDRE Jérémie, Le chant des fautes, 2001, 8’, VHS, Suisse
For personal reasons, Alan had to part from his collection of records. Gindre pursues the account of the life turns of his fictional character.

GRANDMAISON Pascal, Guide d’utilisation, 2000, 9’, Beta SP, Canada
Owner’s manual for a utilitarian space that allows to conceive work as a recreation.

HOLMSTROM Gun, Tanja Smokes Red North State, 2000, 3’, Beta SP, Finlande
Due to diabetes, Tanja is now blind. Her destiny is as strong as the cigarettes she smokes.

HUBBARD Teresa & BIRCHLER Alexandre, Eight, 2001, 3’35’’, DVD, USA
Eight revolves around a birthday party, a young girl and a house on a rainy night. In a metaphorical sense, the film explores the etymology of the word window (a combination of wind and eye) and in a physical sense, plays with Le Corbusier's proposition that "the outside is always an inside".

KAASERER Ruth, Balance, 2000, 28’, Beta SP, Autriche
Three immigrant girls in Austria talk about their future, about their position as women in a male world and about their common desire : gender parity in society.

KASSENBERG Johannes & REINELT Klaus, Kann ich was abhaben?, 2000, 22’, Beta SP, Allemagne
15'000 animated photographs tell the story of a man who experiments with flying…

KAZMA Ömer Ali & YÜCEIL Tolga, What’s up, 2001, 1’45’’, Beta SP, Turquie
Two men are defying gravity’s laws…

LUCAS Kirstin, Involuntary Reception, 2000, 17’, VHS, USA
Performed by Lucas herself, the main character is a young woman whose mind and body are inhabited by unusually high level of electromagnetivity.

LÜSCHER Ingeborg, Fusion, 2001, 15’30’’, Beta SP / DVD, Suisse
Grasshopper F.C. against Saint-Gall F.C. with jackets and ties…

MAGESCAS Marie, Sacre et massacre, 2001, 9’29”, Beta SP, France
In six sequences, one for each woman, an evocation of movie, inspired by the silents. The six films have been chosen by drawing lots, after each interpreter was asked to make a first choice.

MAGUET Arnaud, Music is Organized by Noises, 2000, 14’, VHS, France
Fictional rockumentary staging the French tour of two modern rock’n’roll bands : Dum Dum boys (French riviera) and Make Up (Washington D.C.).

MANCUSO Vicenzo, Autostrade (Motorways), 2000, 45’, Beta SP, Italie
This documentary is the experience of a small troupe that travels along an italian motorway–1889 kilometers from Bennero to Sicily. They record the stories of people they meet, who live along and travel on this road.

Mc CORMACK Thomas C. & GENT Martin, Rampy, 2000, 4’48’’, VHS, Grande Bretagne
Recording of RAMPY’s (a motorized mobile) meetings within the indo-muslim community in East London.

MEESOO Lee, ANTARTICA-47min.The Mystery of a Street Corner, 2001, 7’ Beta SP, Canada
At a street corner, a long travelling reveals a masked man standing still on the sidewalk.

MOHAUPT Holger, Apparatus, 2000, 9’48’’, Beta SP, Grande Bretagne
A documentary film on W. Smith, operator of the last manual lift in Scotland.

MOUCI Marc, 2 Boys, 2000, 2’30”, VHS, Suisse
The attempt of an intimate coming closer between two men.

MREJEN Valérie, Compilation vidéo, 2000, 6’04’’, Beta SP, France
A woman sitting on a couch complains about her husband’s behaviour.

MURTHY Mamta, Colours Black, 2001, 30’, Beta SP, Inde
The film is an attempt to break the silence around child sexual abuse. In order to make the children's voices heard, the film is structured from their point of view.

NISKANEN Pekka, A Girl Bathing in the Kitchen Sink, 2000, 17’32”, 16mm, son magnétique, Finlande
Four characters are striving in defining the main characte’sr ego and his desire to think himself as an element of the narration.

NISSINEN Erkka, Helsinski 2000, Episode 2, 2001, 12’48”, Beta SP, Finlande
Two men are talking together…

OFFERMAN Jeroen, The Great Escape, 2000, 10’, Beta SP, Pays-Bas
Landing of an hovercraft on a deserted beach in the style of a science fiction movie.

PAOUNOV Andrey, Lucy Tsak Tsak, 2000, 2’37”, 35mm, Bulgarie67 slates telling the life and times of Lucy and her 30 years in the marketting film business. This film presents a last chance at fame for bits and pieces of film, which would have otherwise ended up in the editor's trash bin.

PASKALI Irena, One day, one life, 2000, 12’, Beta SP, macédoine
In front of the camera, a woman is sharing the memories of her wandering life.

PFEIFER Judith, Steady State, 2000, 11’40”, Beta SP, Allemagne
A master and his disciple are simultaneously preparing an archery.

PICHEREAU Gaëtan, I Say (n° 3), 2000, 2’28”, VHS, France
In the digital poetry tradition of “One day, I would write...”, three variations on a nursery rhyme.

PRICE Seth, Invocation, 2001, 22’, Beta SP, USA
Montage expérimental d’images virtuelles qui mettent en scène et en relation les thèmes de la nostalgie et de la mort.

PRIOR Lisa, Shorting Camper, 2000, 4’30’’, BETA SP, Grande-Bretagne
The film plays on a contemporary trend of speculating on the global market, where betting has become a legitimate and almost economically desired practice.

SACHS Jen, The Velvet Tigress, 2001, 11’, 16mm, son optique, USA
This is an animated documentary of the 1931 Winnie Ruth Judd "Trunk Murders” trial as it was presented by the sensationalistic press of the time.

SALLOUM Jayce, Everything and nothing, 2001, 41’, VHS, Canada
An intimate dialogue that weaves back and forth between representations of a figure (of resistance) and subject with Soha Bechara ex Lebanese National Resistance fighter in her Paris' dorm room after release from captivity in El-Khiam torture and interrogation center where she's been detained for 10 years.

SELICHAR Loredana & Günther, GT-Granturismo, 2001, 5’10”, VHS /DV cam, Autriche
The spectator is in a car as passenger, driving through the countryside. The scenery passes by, mosquitoes crash on the windscreen, the image freezes and, the screen transforms itself into an abstract painting.

SMITH John & MILLER Graeme, Lost Sound, 2001, 28’, Beta SP, Grande-Bretagne
Constructed from documentary records of tapes’ fragments found within a small area of East London. Combining these sounds with images of the place where it was found.

STIDWORTHY Imogen, ALEX, 2001, 11’30”, Beta SP, Allemagne
The film questions the notion of subjectivity in the observation of a medical relationship.

TANG Eva, To Abbas (It rains when I want to film a beautiful sky), 2001, 1’45”, Grande-Bretagne
An unexpected long take exercice.

TAVARES Andrée, Just a Little Story, 2000, 2’20”, 16mm, son optique, Suisse
Married for years, a couple is receiving some guests and …

VISACZKI Miriam & GOPPEL Christine, Das Mädchen, er und der Ort, 2001, 8’, Beta SP, Allemagne
They live in a fast world. He sees her first, follows her, they meet. No words are spoken.

WALLER Angie, Inauguration vers. 2, 2001, 5’, USA
George W. Bush's protested inauguration took place on January 20, 2001. Bush went on with the TV broadcasting despite the climate of hostility that surrounded it.

WELZ Konrad Johan, Nontope/Ontope (Angels in the Architecture), 2001, 6’25”, Beta SP, Grande-Bretagne
Recorded during the night of July 19th 2000, this film stages a deserted international airport, with a slide show that oscilliates between presence and absence, subject and object.

WERGIUS Pia, Sketch for Angels, 2000, 2’40”, Beta SP, Pays-Bas
The camera slowly glides over the ceilling towards the open window of an apartment. An ethereal voice is singing a charming song. When the camera moves outside through the window, we become aware of a bizarre situation: one girl is hanging from the windowsill.

ZAATARI Akram, Red Chewing Gum, 2000, 10’, Beta SP, Liban
This video analyses the issues of desire and power within the story of the break-up between two men.

ZANNI Margot, 4 Stücke-drame psychologique en couleurs, 2000, 17’, Beta SP, Suisse
Several characters talk about their favourite movie. They speculate about the heroes motivations and re-enact one of the scenes in a specific location.


CAHEN Robert et ROMBOUT Rob, Canton, la Chinoise, 2001, 52', Beta numérique, France
The protagonist in this film–smugglers–stand between two cultures, two sytems or even more between two art conceptions. Each of them is preoccupied with his cultural survivance and condemned to become an observer of a huge urban mutation.

COLINET André, Larguez les amarres, 2001, 60', Beta SP Pal, Belgique
This video poem is dedicated to the filmmakers Robert A. Fisher and Henri Storck. Henri tells us about is encounter with Eisenstein in 1928 and Robert discusses topics such as technoculture and its codes.

COULIBOEUF Pierre, BALKAN BAROQUE, 1999, 63’, 35mm (son optique), France / Autriche / Pays-Bas
Marina Abramovic’s fictive biography.

CUTHAND Thirza, Helpless Maiden Makes an “I” Statement, 1999, 6’, Canada
By using clips of evil queens/witches this video plays off the sadomasochistic lesboerotic subtexts commonly found in children’s entertainment.

DIAMOND James, The Man From Venus, 1999, 3’40’’, Canada
Smart, funny and generous, this experimental work tells it like it is for at least one man.

GAGNON Dominique, Du moteur à explosion/Full Engine Component, 2000, 40’, 35mm, Canada
This film constrains with violence and humour the narrative plot, vibrating beneath its author’s excentric glance (George Tampaï.).

HAWLEY Steve, Love under Mercury, 2000, 34’, 16mm, son magnétique, Grande-Bretagne
Feel like you’re walking on air ? Lost your appetite. Like you’re in a film. Hear music when there’s no-one there. You’re not in love, you’re just suffering from mercurian poisoning. S. H.

LORD Chip, El Livahpla: Waking Dream, 2000, 11’45”, VHS, USA
This video is about architecture and technology and the ways we are encapsulated in them.

MAY POST Liza / VODERSHOW, I.R.A../Bros., 1999, 6’09”, DVD Vidéo, Pays-Bas
Two Siamese characters. An abstract composition.

MUNERELLE Jean Marc, Smoker-Neighbour-Traveller, 1999, 9’30”, VHS, Grande-Bretagne
Video triptych : three characters filmed in three different urban realities.

PAREDEIS Florence, Batman,1999, 1’10” en boucle, DVD Vidéo, France
A static shot : the account of the many thoughts leading to a decision.

RANOCCHI Nadia & ZAMAGNI David, Spring Roll, 2001, 20’, Beta SP, Italie
The action takes place in a seaside resort’s flat during the off-season.

UUNILA Raimo, Contra, 2001, 16’05”, Beta SP / 35mm, Finlande
This film is made up of scenes that are looking for a mental and physical balance.